Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Where Have I Been ?

My mood were really swings these days .I keep too much in my head ,don`t feel like to sharing with anyone at all .Yes , I `m not pretty much a sharer.I`ll be my personal actually .I don`t share because I don`t think anyone could understand me .They may give a good advice but nothing could actually solve  my problem .I preferred to keep myself ,solve everything by my own and fiz everything ,plus I don`t need anyone sympathy .Move on. How I wish I have a power to start everything all over again .

Last year ,2010 ain`t a best year for me .Too much changes ,too much dramas ,too much ti handle .Generally speaking ,sometimes I don`t know who I am anymore .I`m not a person who all time moody person ,I don`t show my moody side of me ,but now I am and sometimes I lie awake at night and ask “Where have i gone ?”but I guess I`ve been through all this pain .

I`m tired of smiling and says I`m okay to everyone which I`m not .I`m tired of everything I guess.The last time you saw me , I`m a different person but now I`m completely a different person .You may dislike the new me but people change and so am I.I`ll lead my own way,I`ll do everything by my own.Even though I don`t know who I am anymore ,but deep inside I know this is me .

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